Low tempo, low intensity, mostly minor key.

1. The Mary Celeste

Four bowed guitars on top of a whole lot of e-bowed guitars lays a mournful foundation for a brief and simple melody.

2. Fucker in my Room

A sad sparkly piece with a post-rock lead guitar hovering the xylophone and guitar based wall of sound.

3. Titan

Hollywood-sized juggernaut of a song. Seven organs, a sub bass and five e-bowed guitars covers every sonic void possible. A MIDI fret noise turned into a distant seagull hovers the piece.

4. Shards

Icy and quiet piece. A few gentle piano chords on top of a frozen electric guitar chord and a few layers of feedback.

5. Descent

Layered and complex piece. A section of organ drone, nylon guitar and trumpet gently opens the song, which later unfolds into a sad and slowly moving maelstrom of bowed guitars, organs, feedback and sub bass blows.

6. Girls of the Tundra

Nice and thick and sad folky/ambient piece. A lot of e-bowed guitars blended with a toy piano, a real out of tune piano and a pump organ.

7. Mass

Short experimental piece based on a simple church organ riff that later dissolves into a piano and cello mix with a busy violin on top.

8. 12.500 (ambient version)

A simple riff through tons of reverb and shimmer on top of a classic chord progression, which dissolves into another wall of sound half way through.


Pieces with more distinct tempos, melodies and structures.

1. Henri "Papillon" Charrerie

A homage to Jerry Goldsmith's Papillon soundtrack. Played on a crappy pump organ, with a crappy guitar and tambourine to keep the pace.

2. City Sickness

An interpretation of what could be a Tindersticks demo. Sad and horny at the same time. Like Tindersticks.

3. A White Shimmer Shatters Slowly

The romantic knob turned all the way up to eleven. A simple three-note arpeggio played on a wurly piano carries the nostalgia-drenched and wandering synth melody. Sincere and banal at the same time.

4. Tidal Waves

An attempt to convey that distinctly america-in-the-60's outlook on the bright promises future technology could bring, captured in a the Ventures like surf song. The space race, the Ford Mustang, the pill, TV-dinners and the suburban shopping mall and so on and so on.

5. The Air Around our Kitchen Table

Sweet and mellow piece with a clear e-bowed guitar melody on top of arpeggio-heavy chords.

6. High Rise

A strange piece. Vocal harmonies drifts into four parallel arpeggios which later drifts into a big, asian sounding riff.

7. All Dressed up in Blue

Stumbly guitars builds a flimsy and folky piece. Naivistic guitar playing at it's finest.

8. Tortoise

Utterly sad piece with a icy tremolo guitar on top of a windy toy organ. A hopeful sounding and short-lived chorus surfaces 1:40 into the song.

9. High Plains Drifter

Western pastiche. A dusty piano saturated with delay and reverb carries the monotonous theme, which is accompanied by a distressed and distant counter melody. Sub bass blows and a rattlesnake-ish tambourine keeps the song in a slow and steady pace.

10. Brute Choral

Another homage, this time to the king of the surf guitar: the great Dick Dale. A stupid riff soaked in spring reverb shares the not-so-fine-tuned mix with a grinding bass and throbbing drums. Please enjoy at a ridiculously high volume.


Eerie pieces.

1. Sub Levels

A two octaves down pitch shifted guitar running through a cheap distortion pedal lays an eerie and dark foundation for the delay and post-rock guitars to hover over.

2. Spruce Gothic

A single acoustic guitar moving through a few minor chords. Added string rattle for your enjoyment.

3. Baby Haunts the Riverwalk

Hollow and distant piece. Confused arpeggiated minor jazz chords carries a simple and monotonous melody, which later drifts into mumbles and crappy guitar overdubs.


My name is Andreas Norberg, I live and work in UmeƄ, Sweden.

Norberg Sounds is a selection of my musical work, well suited for use in games, films and other narrative-oriented work.

Interested in using some of the work found here in a project, or have an idea that we could collaborate on?

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